Assistant Director in the DGA

Hi, I'm Alejandro

I am an Assistant Director in the DGA.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and now I'm a proud US citizen. I first worked as a Mechanical Engineer for General Motors, and then moved to LA to pursue my filmmaking dreams.

Working as an AD on feature films, TV shows, short films, music videos, and commercials in the US and Venezuela, in both English and Spanish, has given me a diverse experience in the industry.

So whether your next project is a feature, pilot, or TV show, my passports are handy and I'm ready to go!

Bob Jeffords

“The challenge is to:
be strong, but not rude;
be kind, but not weak;
be bold, but not a bully;
be thoughtful, but not lazy;
be humble, but not timid;
be proud, but not arrogant;
have humor, but without folly.”

– on being an effective 1st AD.


Photography is one of my oldest hobbies. Here's a sample.

Contact Me

I'd love to hear about your next project! Send me a message and let's work together.